ePubFix is PDF to fixed layout ePub conversion tool, this tool will generate high quality of content which is exactly  appearing in PDF source.  More...


ePubTxt is PDF to Normalize ePub conversion tool, this tool can generate XHTML content from PDF source with reading order, and high quality of text accuracy More...


ePubSmil is auto SMIL tag generation from normal text content, and it will generate MP3 audio file as well which is synchronized with SMIL tag.  More...


VideoBook can generate read aloud ePub from video files (.avi, .mpeg). output epub will support iPad and all fixed layout supported devices. More...

Our Expertise

Our Expertise: As a complete publishing automation application development company from start to finish, ePubNet has developed its skills in many new different areas like ePub3 and HTML5. In recent years our focus has been on HTML5 browser applications and ePub conversion tools. Our focus is to not create just conversion tool that are already available, but to add new and unique features that can set them apart from the solution.

Our Quality

Our Goal is to Meet Your Objectives : The quality of our services and delivered publishing solutions is always a top priority for ePubNet. Our focus on quality demands we meet our customer's business objectives over a long period of time. To comply with our software quality standards we use methods established through a range of successful projects for both large and small companies. Our acquired intelligence is shared with the entire ePubNet programming team 

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