We have happy to release ePubTxt for PDF to re-flow ePub conversion tool.

1. PDF Bookmarks converted as TOC
2. Chapter spitted automatically based on PDF Bookmarks
3. Generate high quality text content

1. Adobe acrobat 7 or later
2. Internet connection

            Open epubtxt.exe from installation folder or click Programs -> ePubTxt -> ePubTxt.

  1. Select pdf file from local drive
  2. Select book cover image (should be jpg file format) : Optional field
  3. Enter book title : Optional field
(If book title field is empty, pdf title will be treated as epub title)
  1. Enter book author : Optional field
(If book author field is empty, pdf author will be treated as epub author)
  1. Click convert button
  2. Epub file will be generated and placed in pdf file path.

Minimum Requirement from raw source file (PDF)

1. PDF should be text searchable (not image pdf)
2. Font should be embed format in pdf
3. PDF should be face off page (not landscape page)
4. Don't use ligature character fonts in PDF
5. Remove all hidden text from PDF

ePubTxt will generate 80% to 90% of text accuracy based on raw source, you need to do some manual correction for complex text layout using adobe dreamweaver or some other visual html editor.

Correction steps

1. Extract epub files
2. Open html files in adobe dreamweaver
3. Correct the content
4. Delete unnecessary text block, image
5. Save file, and compressed into epub

How to install ePubTxt?

1.      Run setup.exe and follow the instruction
2.      Get epubtxt.lic (page license file) from vickypatel2020@gmail.com
3.      Place license file into application installed folder (ex: “c:\Program File\ePubTxt\epubtxt.lic”)
4.      If you get any error message write query to vickypatel2020@gmail.com
5.      Pagelog.txt file generated in application path for page track.

If you get error message “Registry access is not allowed”, please refer this page : registry-access-is-not-allowed

Software Requirement:
  • Microsoft windows XP / Vista / Windows7
  • Adobe acrobat 7 or later
  • 1GB memory
  • Internet connection (for web-service controls)
  • .Net framework 4.0
Download ePubTxt 1.0:   Download

For more info contact : vickypatel2020@gmail.com